Our mission, vision and values


We aim for a long-term partnership built on mutual trust between Ober-Haus company and clients, where professional principles become market standards. In doing so, we create strong connections with the community in which we live and work. Following the highest standards of business ethics, we cultivate the strongest traditions in the real estate market.”


The foundation of our professional services is in-depth knowledge of local markets and experience in real estate. We firmly believe that by sharing our knowledge with clients, we help them feel confident in the real estate field, make rational decisions, and create long-term well-being.


We work passionately

We believe in what we do, so every day we face new challenges boldly. It inspires us, fills us with strength, and the desire to work better than yesterday.

We listen

An important part of our work is to listen to understand what clients want, what partners expect, and what colleagues need. Only by hearing their needs can we offer the best solutions and thus build strong and long-term relationships.

Trust is the most important to us

Clients and partners trust us because of our knowledge, quality work, achieved results, and fair approach. We highly value this trust, so we continuously learn, always finish what we started, and consistently adhere to the highest standards of business ethics.

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