Privacy policy

In processing personal data, UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas (hereinafter – ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, etc.) seeks to protect the privacy of all persons, as ensuring a person’s right to privacy is an essential part of our activities. We process personal data according to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and applicable national legislation.

UAB OBER-HAUS Real Estate respects your privacy and undertakes to protect your right to lawful processing and protection of your Personal data.

This Privacy Policy describes why we collect your Personal data, what kind of personal data we collect, how we collect, share and store it, what your rights in personal data protection are and how you can exercise them.

By using our Website or Services and, thus, giving us your Personal data, you agree with the provisions of this Privacy Policy (except regarding data processing operations, which will require a separate agreement from you). It is assumed that you are familiar with our Privacy Policy, when you visit our Website, send a message, subscribe to the newsletter or are familiarized with it in other ways.

What terms are used in this Policy?

Data controller – your Personal data controller is UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas (registration number: 111645042, registered office address: Geležinio Vilko g. 18a, 08104 Vilnius, email:, phone: +370 5 2109 700), which you have entrusted with your Personal data due to the contractual or precontractual relationship binding you, or the Services of which you plan to use.

Customer (you) – a natural person who uses, has used or has expressed an intent to use the Services.

GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Personal data – any information, directly or indirectly related to the Customer or another identified or identifiable natural person whose data is processed according to this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation.

Data processing – any operation performed on Personal data (including collection, recording, storing, alteration, giving access, making enquiries, transmission, etc.).

Services – any services offered or provided by UAB OBER-HAUS Real Estate, including, but not limited to, facilitation in selling, buying or renting residential or commercial property, property and business valuation, consultations, and real estate management.

Direct marketing – an activity designed to offer persons services and/or ask their opinion about the offered services via email, phone or other means of direct communication.

Website –

When does this Privacy Policy apply?

This Privacy Policy applies when you use, have used or have expressed intention to use the Services of UAB OBER-HAUS Real Estate. It also applies in the instances where you might be related to some Services indirectly. Additionally, it is applicable if you have entered into a relationship with us prior to the adoption of this Privacy Policy and if you have given and/or UAB OBER-HAUS Real Estate has obtained your Personal data.

Why do we collect your Personal data?

We collect and use Personal data in order to provide you with our Services (when concluding and executing a contract), to improve our Services, send messages, offers and information, protect third-party and our own rights and interests, fulfil our legal obligations and prevent fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing, following applicable laws and other legal acts, as we have to adhere to the rules and requirements strictly and responsibly. Accordingly, we have to responsibly identify you and/or the beneficiary, know of your participation in politics, identify the source(s) of your income and your place of residence; also, check if you are sanctioned or your activity is related to persons under sanctions and make sure your activity is not being investigated by respective authorities; we also have a duty of monitoring our relationship with you and carrying out other duties stipulated by legislation, and an obligation to follow applicable laws and other legal acts. If you refuse to give us your Personal data, we will not be able to provide you with our Services.

With your consent, we process your Personal data for Direct marketing purposes. You may revoke your consent regarding Direct marketing at any time.

How do we collect your Personal data?

We receive most of the data directly from you, although some data might be obtained from other sources.

Usually UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas receives Personal data directly from persons to whom the data pertains, i.e. we obtain your Personal data:

  • when you give this data to us directly, e.g. file an application, when you contact us (in person, on the phone or via email), when we conclude a contract, when you fill in a form on the Website, leave your contact details, send us a message, visit our Website and in any other similar way, when you give us your unambiguous consent to having your data obtained from third parties,
  • when you use our Services or the Website,
  • when you notify us about a problem or contact us about the quality of Services,
  • when you participate in discussions, forums, competitions, on social media, the Website, etc.,
  • from third parties, if there are any doubts regarding protection of our or your rights and/or legitimate interests.

In certain cases, UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas obtains Personal data from persons who are not the data subject (you), for example, from business partners, to which you have given your data in order to obtain Services from us, or from other sources (e.g. checking registers managed by the state and private persons or sources from other third parties), when such is an obligation established by legal acts, for example, while fulfilling our legal duty to prevent fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, etc.

We may also obtain your Personal data when we sign different agreements, to which you are not necessarily a party or a representative of the party (e.g. an agreement by proxy, an agreement with a legal person, which provides contact persons or data of representatives, data listed in various registers, etc.).

What kind of Personal data do we process?

UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas is one of the biggest real estate service companies in Lithuania and the Baltic region, providing multifaceted services in relation to real estate (facilitation in selling, buying or renting residential or commercial real estate, property and business valuation, consultations, real estate management). We process your Personal data in order to provide and improve these Services. Thus, the exact scope of the Personal data processing depends on the Services you request and our relationship with you.

UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas also processes the Personal data of the representatives of its clients and service providers, which might be both undertakings and private persons.

We normally collect and process your Personal data:

for property valuation:

  • identification data, such as a name and surname;
  • contact data, such as a residential address or correspondence address, phone number, email address, IP address;
  • data about the property under valuation: information on the public register which you yourself provide or we obtain with your consent, cadastral file and other significant data about the property;

for facilitation in buying, selling or renting residential and commercial real estate:

  • identification data, such as a name, surname, date of birth, personal identification number, photo, identity document data, citizenship;
  • contact data, such as a residential address or correspondence address, phone number, email address, IP address;
  • data about the property: information on the public register which you yourself provide or we obtain with your consent and other significant data about the property provided by you or obtained by us with your consent, which would allow for the quality provision of the Services;
  • financial information, such as a bank account number;
  • data about the parties to a transaction: personal identification data and contact information, necessary to draw up a preliminary or other kind of contract (such as the name, surname, address, date of birth, phone number and email address of the parties (and their spouses));

for property management:

  • identification data, such as a name and surname;
  • contact data, such as a residential address or correspondence address, phone number, email address, IP address;
  • data about the property: information on the public register which you yourself provide or we obtain with your consent and other significant data about the property provided by you or obtained by us with your consent, which would allow for the quality provision of the Services;
  • financial information: transaction account number, insurance data;

for Direct marketing (with your consent):

  • email address;

for consultations:

  • identification data, such as a name and surname;
  • contact data, such as a residential address or correspondence address, phone number, email address, IP address;
  • other data that is necessary to provide you with comprehensive quality Services.

We can hold or announce competitions, where you would have to register and give certain information in order to participate, such as a name, surname, age, phone number, and email address. Should such competitions be held under provisions other than of this Privacy Policy or have additional provisions applicable during them, you would be informed about this in the rules of the competition.

We do not process sensitive (special category) data related to your health or political views.

We process data about minors only if and to the extent that you ask and that is required and necessary in order to help you meet the legal requirements related to the restrictions of real estate transfers (e.g. helping you obtain a judicial approval of a transfer of realty and the like).

What principles govern our processing of your Personal data?

We ensure that your Personal data:

  • is processed in a legal, fair and transparent way with regard to you;
  • is collected for set, clearly defined and lawful purposes and is not processed further in a way incompatible with these purposes;
  • is adequate, appropriate and only strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which it is being processed;
  • is accurate and updated when needed; all reasonable measures are taken to ensure that any inaccurate Personal data be immediately deleted or corrected, according to its processing purposes;
  • is stored in a format that would not allow data subjects to be identified for any longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which Personal data is processed, having implemented respective technical and organizational measures in order to protect the rights and freedoms of the data subject;
  • is processed in a way that ensures appropriate Personal data security through respective technical or organizational measures, including protection against unauthorised or illegal data processing and against unintentional loss, destruction or damage;
  • is processed in an accurate, fair and legal fashion.

With whom do we share your Personal data?

Due to the nature of the Services we provide, in certain cases, we have to share your Personal data in our daily operations.

We may disclose your Personal data to:

  • partners of UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas, with which we provide joint Services,
  • the parent company of UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas,
  • public authorities and other subjects which perform functions assigned to them by law,
  • outsourced Personal data processors which help us provide Services (for example, website maintenance and development),
  • authorized auditors, legal and financial consultants,
  • when it is required by law, respecting the laws and legal processes, when we sincerely believe that such information disclosure is needed to protect your or our rights or ensure security of other persons, or to respond to the requests of public authorities or officials.

We responsibly claim that we turn to partners, Personal data processors, only when we are sure that they will secure appropriate organizational, legal, technical and physical measures to ensure the security and lawful processing of your Personal data.

Who can access your Personal data?

Only authorized persons inside UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas or third parties used by UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas or other persons, when it is required or allowed by legal acts, can access your Personal data. We declare that we engage only those third parties that provide sufficient guarantees of appropriate technical and organizational measures, so that the processing complies with the requirements of the GDPR and applicable legal acts and your rights be protected.

In disclosing your Personal data, we undertake to ensure that the data recipient observes the same Personal data retention and processing measures, as we do.

The processing activity carried out by third parties, is always regulated by a privacy and data processing agreement or other special conditions which UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas agree with such third-party processors.

Your Personal data is processed, stored and transferred to third parties in a way and to an extent of which you are informed and which are defined in the Privacy Policy, agreements between you and us and/or other documents.

What are your rights regarding your Personal data?

UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas aims to ensure that Personal data processing is fair and transparent, and that the person’s rights, as defined in applicable legislation, are at all times secure.

You have the following rights:

  • a right to access your Personal data. Upon your request, we will confirm, whether the Personal data pertaining to you is processed or not, and give information about the purposes of data processing, processed Personal data categories and recipients to which Personal data is disclosed, or such recipient categories; we will inform you about the kinds of Personal data being processed and give all the available information about its sources;
  • a right to demand that any inaccurate Personal data be corrected or that incomplete Personal data be completed;
  • a right to obtain the Personal data you provided in a systematized, the most common and computer-readable format and a right to transfer that Personal data, under certain conditions, to another data controller (a right to data portability);
  • a right to demand erasure of your Personal data or limiting its processing under certain circumstances (e.g. when the data is not necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected and processed, you have revoked your consent and there are no other legal grounds for its processing, Personal data is processed unlawfully, etc.);
  • a right to object to Personal data processing for certain purposes and under certain conditions;
  • an absolute right to object to having your Personal data processed for the purposes of Direct marketing;
  • if Personal data processing is grounded in your consent, you have a right to revoke your consent at any time in the same way as you have given it (including in person, via partners, email, on your profile and with other means). Revocation of your consent will not affect the lawful processing of your Personal data that was carried out prior to such revocation;
  • a right to file a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

Depending on special circumstances, there might be certain conditions or limitations to the exercise of your rights. We might be bound by laws or other legal acts under which we will not be able to erase your Personal data immediately.

You can always contact UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas with regards to exercising your rights at any time directly, via email, phone, making an enquiry on the Website (e.g. filling in a specific enquiry form, through the Facebook account, etc.).

We will respond to your request in a maximum of 30 days from the date of its receipt. In exceptional cases that require more time, having informed you, we shall have the right to extend this term to 60 days. In certain cases, we might ask you to provide additional information with regards to your request. If we refuse to satisfy your request, we will provide you with a reasoned reply once the circumstances defined in the GDPR or other legal acts are determined.

We implement your rights in Personal data protection for free (except for the cases where requests are obviously unfounded or disproportionate, primarily due to their repetitive nature).

How is your Personal data stored?

We store your Personal data in accordance with the GDPR and national legislation. As a general principle, your Personal data is processed (including storage) in a format that would not allow data subjects to be identified for longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes for which Personal data is processed.

In order to protect your Personal data against unlawful access, unlawful processing or disclosure, unintentional loss, alteration or destruction, we apply the necessary measures within the requirements of applicable legal acts. Such measures comprise technical means, for example, selecting appropriate computer systems, implementing computer protection, data and file protection, also, organizational means, such as limiting access to Personal data, ensuring confidentiality and more.

We responsibly claim that in processing your Personal data we ensure its confidentiality.

How long is your Personal data stored?

The terms for Personal data storage are established by legal acts or by us, respecting the law. The specific term for the duty to retain particular documents containing Personal data is defined in legislation, for example, legal acts regulating property and business valuation.

When legal acts do not specify the terms for Personal data storage, we retain your Personal data for the services we have provided for 10 years from the time of provision of the service (respecting the general extinctive prescription period). Your consent to Direct marketing shall be kept for 12 months from the date the consent was received.

What Direct marketing activity does UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas conduct?

UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas can provide information about its Services to its present Customers, based on its legitimate interest.

Our information and Direct marketing messages (for example, messages about the Services we provide) are sent to Customers who are being (have been) provided Services or who have expressed consent to receive Direct marketing and/or information offers from UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas.

UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas can send you information on the Services provided, on real estate market trends, reviews.

In certain cases, the Customer is given information about changes to their contracts, information (or a reminder) regarding documents/data additionally required, necessary for Service execution, and is sent systemic and other messages related to the Services provided. Information messages of this kind are necessary to execute the contract concluded with you and/or its annexes and to provide you with the Services you have requested, and, thus, are not considered to be Direct marketing messages.

You are under no obligation to consent to Direct marketing messages in order to enjoy our Services.

How can you express consent to receive information and/or Direct marketing messages?

You can agree to be sent information and/or Direct marketing messages expressing consent to Direct marketing by ticking a respective box on the Website, by confirming this choice in the registration form, by ticking a respective box in the contract with us and by other means that would clearly demonstrate your wish to receive information we offer, or by asking to be sent information messages under the contracts made with us.

Can you object to your Personal data being used for the purposes of Direct marketing?

You have a right to object to the processing of your Personal data for the purposes of Direct marketing at any time free of charge. You also have a right to revoke your consent at any time for free. In order to exercise this right, you must contact us by any means, including, but not limited to, in person, via email, on the Website and in other ways that would communicate to us that you are no longer willing to receive our information messages.

Does this Privacy Policy apply in all cases when using our Website?

Our Website might feature links to third-party websites. These third-party websites apply their own privacy policies. If you visit these websites, you will be subject to their respective policies instead of this Privacy Policy.

Does UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas use cookies?

Yes, UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas uses cookies, which are small text files saved on your computer, smartphone or other device, in order to improve the performance of the Website and simplify its use. For more about the cookie policy, see here.

How can you contact us?

You are welcome to contact us with enquiries, requests or comments regarding the processing of your Personal data at

You may also inquire via phone, on the Website and using other means convenient to you.

Data protection officer

The appointed data protection officer of UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas is Mindaugas Urbonas, a financial analyst.

You can contact the data protection officer by email at or at, a contact email address indicated above, addressing the email to the data protection officer.

Legal notice

This Privacy Policy is not legally binding as you enter into a contract with UAB OBER-HAUS nekilnojamas turtas. This Privacy Policy contains the guidelines of our Personal data protection standards. We reserve the right to alter this Privacy Policy, as we improve and develop our Services and websites.

You may request to familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy at all our customer service locations (our offices).